Nueva Entrada: Пропавший (Los Perdidos)

-País de Origen/Country of Origin: Federación Rusa / Russian Federation

-Director: Dmitry Moiseev

–Un investigador privado retirado invierte su tiempo en cuidar a su enferma madre. Cuando ser héroe era una habilidad inusual – el tiene místicas visiones tocando objetos que de alguna forma están conectados con personas desaparecidas y de esta forma puede encontrarlos. El doctor en servicio, ofrece llevar a su madre a una casa de retiro ya que no tiene chances de recuperarse. El detective fluctúa, debe tomar una decisión…

–A retired private investigator spends his days caring for sick mother. When a hero was an unusual ability – he could experience the mystical visions touching objects that somehow were connected with the missing people so he could find the missing. The doctor on duty, who appeared at a regular inspection of seriously ill mother, the doctor offers to send her to a boarding house, since there is no chance of recovery. Detective fluctuates, it must make a choice – leave the mother or give her to a boarding house.


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