Nueva Entrada: Death Box


-País de Origen / Country of Origin: Canada

-Director: Nicholas Vitis

–Una joven abstraida de la realidad esta obsesionada con una misteriosa caja. Una herencia de su fallecido padre. Poco a poco Agda pierde piso y se mueve torpemente de una implausible situación a otra. Recuerdos de su padre le advierten a Agda no abrir la caja…

–A young woman withdrawn from reality is fixated on a mysterious box. A family heirloom handed down to her from her deceased father. Little by little Agda loses touch with the physical world around her, as she blunders from one implausible set of circumstances to the next. Subconscious mind trails from her stringent father’s admonitions forewarn Agda to never open the box, or else…

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